(2024) Describe a time when you got up early – IELTS Speaking Part 2 Free lesson

“Describe a time when you got up early” is not a tough topic, but to be able to answer this topic correctly, you need a good vocabulary and the ability to develop natural ideas.

In this article, readingielts.com will share with you sample answer topic “Describe a time when you got up early” to help you prepare for the IELTS Speaking Part 2.

Describe a time when you got up early

Describe a time when you got up early
Describe a time when you got up early
Describe a time when you got up early audio

Describe a time when you got up early cue card

You should say:

  • When it was
  • What you did
  • Why you got up early
  • And how you felt about it

Describe a time when you got up early sample answer

Speaking of a time that I got up early, the first one that comes to mind is the time when I had an early morning bike ride.

I have a great liking for recreational cycling. About a month ago, several friends of mine who have the same interest decided to cycle at a park together. There’s actually a park that was recently built near my home. It has a really good location because it’s next to a beautiful lake in our city. And there’s a long bike path that has been built alongside the lake. So, in order to try out the new bike lane, we agreed to meet up at the park at six in the morning when the park wasn’t packed with people yet.

I’m not a morning person. Getting ready to go out before 6 was way earlier than I was used to But I didn’t want to make my friends wait so I dragged myself out of bed . And a very pleasant experience that day. We breathed in fresh air and enjoyed water while riding, which was fantastic. Plus, since we went there early, the lanes were empty so we could speed up as much as we like. When we got tired, we sat on the lawn nearby and enjoyed the morning sunlight, which is super cozy!

So, that early start to the day really left a mark on me. But honestly, having one experience like that is enough for me. I prefer sleeping in on most days .

Describe a time when you got up early video

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IELTS Speaking Part 3 : Follow up Questions

1. What time do you usually get up? And Do you like getting up early?

I usually get up at 7 am so that I can be at work for 8:30. I like getting up early in the spring and summer because the sun naturally wakes me up, but in the winter where I live it is quite dark in the mornings, so I don’t like to get up too early in the winter. I like that getting up early gives me time to enjoy a coffee before work, but sometimes I wish I could sleep in more often.

2. Do you know anyone who likes to get up early?

My mom has always loved waking up early. She’s usually awake by 5 am. She likes to go for her morning walk for about an hour, and then she takes a shower and makes breakfast. I think that the reason she is able to wake up so early is that she also goes to bed early, usually around 9 pm. If she went to bed later she probably wouldn’t be getting enough sleep.

3. Why do some people get up early? Why do some people hate getting up early?

Some people get up early because they have to for work or for school, and some people get up early because they enjoy it. These people might like having some extra time to relax in the morning before they begin their day. As for why some people hate getting up early, I think it’s mainly because they struggle to wake up, maybe as a result of going to bed late. These people may feel tired all day if they get up early.

4. Why do some people like to stay up late?

I think some people like staying up late because they’re more energetic at night. Night owls are really good at being productive late into the night. For whatever reason, they just work better at that time. Personally, I like staying up late because it’s quieter in my house since everyone has gone to sleep. Other people like staying up late because there are exciting activities that happen at night, like parties and concerts.

5. Do you think morning is the best time of day?

Personally I think that evening is the best time of day, because it is the end of the work or school day and you have time to kick back and relax. I do like mornings, but I wouldn’t say that they are the best time of the day because mornings can be quite stressful. If you are getting ready for work or school and you’re running late, then your morning isn’t very enjoyable.

6. What kinds of occasions need people to arrive early?

Most people try to arrive early for formal ceremonies such as a wedding or a funeral. This is because these events require a large amount of organization and planning, so it is very important that no one arrives late in order to avoid interruptions. People may also arrive early to an airport or train station when they are travelling. Most international flights recommend that you arrive three hours early in order to get through airport security, so arriving early is a good idea for travellers.

7. What happens if you arrive early or late?

When you arrive somewhere early, you have lots of time to settle in. If you’re there for an event, it’s nice to get there early so you can find a seat or use the bathroom if you need to. But if you arrive late, it can be super stressful. It really depends on the event. Being late to a party is fine, but being late to a meeting or a class is really disruptive . You should avoid being late if you can.

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