(2024) Describe an important event that you celebrated – Free IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe an important event that you celebrated

Describe an important event that you celebrated
Describe an important event that you celebrated


You should say:

– What it was

– When did it happen

– Do you prefer to celebrate it with a group of people

– And explain how you felt about it


1. (What is it)

Taking up scuba-diving was by far one of the most important events in my life. To be honest, I had never been very keen on sports before, especially as far as water sports were concerned, but once I tried scuba-diving, I completely changed my attitude towards adopting an active way of life. I had not been familiar with the equipment that professional divers use either until one holiday in Nha Trang, when my father came up with the idea of taking a course in scuba-diving.

2. (When did it happen)

It was last summer when my whole family celebrated my parents’ wedding anniversary in Nha Trang. As the weather was unbearably hot, we wanted to travel to places with breathtaking beaches, sunshine and delicious sea food. While we were walking alongside the beach, my father suggested I experience scuba-diving, with the hope that I could be more physically and mentally able to confront the university entrance examination.

3. (Do you prefer to celebrate it with a group of people)

Even though the feeling of immersing myself in the fresh water was self-gratifying, I also wanted to share it with my family and my friends. Although the event is not an achievement or anything like that, it pushed me out of my comfort zone and motivated me to overcome my inner fears. Given the chance, I wish my close friends had been there that day to celebrate that with me.

4. (And explain how you felt about it)

I was a bit frightened at the beginning as I found out that such a person of weak physical strength and stamina as me would have to put not only a tank on, but also a weight belt. But as it turned out, it was not that intimidating at all, contrary to what I had previously thought. I found myself in cool water, where I could breathe freely as well as move easily. The only thing I could tell anyone who does not know whether to do something or not is: do not hesitate and try, because it may become an important event in your life, just like it was in my case.

Part 3

1. How do people in your country celebrate events?

People celebrate events in many ways. Some hold family get-togethers, others properties and some celebrate by burning crackers. Some people celebrate by just going out for a lunch or dinner, while some others celebrate by donating to charities.

2. Do you prefer big or small celebrations?

I personally prefer small celebrations, because in these we can interact with all the people present. Big celebrations are just a show-off and the hosts hardly even come to know who all were there.

3. Do you think it is a waste of money to spend much on celebrations of national events?

No, I do not think it is a waste of money to spend on celebrations of national events. Such events bring a feeling of patriotism in the minds of young people, who are otherwise drifting away from their culture and tradition. Such events also attach young people to their roots.

4. How can people prepare for an event?

People can prepare for any event by planning in advance. First they decide their budget and after that they make a list of people home to invite. Then they decide what they would like to do on that day when all the guests have arrived. They arrange a proper lunch or dinner and also arrange some games and other things which they would like to do on that day.

5. Do you like to plan for an important meeting or activity?

Yes, I would definitely like to plan for an important meeting or activity. If any event is not planned then it can result in total chaos. If land well any event can leave an everlasting imprint on the minds of all those who attend it.

6. What factors should be considered when planning an event?

The first thing to be considered when planning an event is deciding on a budget. After that all the activities that need to be done on them have to be looked into. Then it has to be decided whether the event should be held in a hotel or at home. The games to be played on that day all the activities to be done on that they have also to be blind well. All this can never be a one-man show. Teamwork is very important in planning such events.

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