(2024) Describe the first day of school – Free Lesson

Describe the first day of school

Describe the first day of school
Describe the first day of school


You should say:

Where it was?

What happened?

Explain how you felt on that day?


(Where it was?)

I spent many years in school, but the first day of college was truly a memorable experience for me. After a nerve-racking period of waiting for the university entrance test result, I finally became a college student and started my new higher education journey .

(What happened?)

On the first day I came to school, I found everything was so much bigger and a lot more crowded than my high school. It took me more than 15 minutes to find my class, and the spacious room with many other students made me feel a bit out of place. Everyone had a strange face to me, and people did not talk much to each other. 

I chose a corner in the classroom to feel more at ease. That day was just the first day of class, so the teacher gave us time to get to know each other. Moreover, she organized a wide range of activities, which catered for students with different interests, preferences and talents. Most activities involved team work, which is great to strengthen established friendships and also to develop new friendships by connecting students with those in other classes.

(Explain how you felt on that day?)

Contrary to my thoughts, most of them were very friendly and outgoing. They were willing to share about themselves, and soon I became acquainted with a lot of people. Most of our classmates came from different provinces, so we quickly understood the difficulties of living away from home. After the introduction, the teacher took us on a tour around the school, and I tried my best to memorize the different areas.

We did not have a fixed classroom, but for each subject we had to move to different rooms to use the proper equipment for that class. I quickly took notes in my little notebook, and after that brief visit I made friends with two lovely pupils. That year was completely different from the school years I had experienced, as it marked a big turning point in my life. The first day of college is truly a vivid memory, and I will always remember that remarkable milestone.


Vocabulary from Education:

1.higher education:

Meaning: education, usually in a college or university that is followed after high school or secondary school

Example: Higher education is only suitable for those committed enough to learning.

Other vocabulary:

2. nerve-racking [adj]: something that is nerve-racking is difficult to do and causes a lot of worry for theperson involved in it: 

Eg: My wedding was the most nerve-racking thing I’ve ever experienced.

3. (feel/ be) at ease [expression]: feel relaxed:

Eg: Jessie felt completely at ease when being with her family.

4. spacious [adj]: (especially of a room or building) having ample space:  

Eg: The hotel hasa spacious lounge and TV room

5. strengthen [v]: make or become stronger.:

Eg: Positive reinforcement is the delivery of a stimulus that strengthens the behavior.

6. (get/ be/ become) acquainted with sb/sth [expression]: knowing or being familiar with a person:

Eg: Janie tried her best to become acquainted with the rules.

7. contrary to [expression]: in conflict with:

Eg: Contrary to orders, he set out alone.

8. a vivid memory [expression]: memory that produces very clear pictures in your mind: 

Eg: Until now, Jane still has vivid memories about her first love.

Describe the first day of school
Describe the first day of school

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