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IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Singing
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1. Do you like singing? Why?

Sample Answer 1: Yeah, I love to sing after work coz I’m a music fancier. You know, I hum the song along with the music and sometimes I just feel my singing skill is terrific. And another reason is, singing is a great way to unwind and bond with my friends. I often sing the high notes with them, using some kind of apps. And singing to our hearts’ content really makes us feel like we’re on top of the world.

Sample Answer 2: Nope. I can hardly carry a tune when I sing, and my voice breaks on high notes. I always find it difficult to breath properly when singing, you know, often running out of breath. I wouldn’t say I’ve got a talent for singing.

Sample Answer 3: Yes, I do. Although I’m often out of tune when I sing, and I was told that I had no sense of rhythm, I’m still fond of singing because it makes me happy. I usually sing when taking a shower as the acoustics in the bathroom somehow makes me sound better, my voice is deeper and sounds more resonant than usual.

Sample Answer 4: A: Yes, I could say so. I mean, when (I enjoy the music with my Bluetooth earbuds or the stereo at home), I will sing with them (and do a little bit body movement). Mind you, (my singing voice may not be very pleasing), (the vibe is thing) that I’m really keen on.

2. Have you ever learnt how to sing?

Sample Answer 1: No, I haven’t taken any singing lessons so far coz I don’t plan to be a professional singer in the future. Well I should say, I’m definitely gonna know the singing techniques, like how to make melodious sounds and how to avoid singing out of tune, but the point is, I’ve already been used to singing songs on my own way. Thinking about the skills in the whole process is really annoying.

Sample Answer 2: Yes, I have. Every child in China takes music lessons in primary school/ kindergarten. If my memory serves me right, we started to learn singing at pretty young age. I’ve forgotten most of what I learnt though.

Sample Answer 3: Yes, absolutely. (From primary school to senior high), I have (music lessons once a week). Learning some singing techniques is (very interesting and definitely a good time to escape a bit from the study). On top of that, (the taste for fine music) gradually cultivated from (those hours).

3. Who do you want to sing for?

Sample Answer 1: Well honestly, I totally have no idea about who I’m gonna sing for because I have social anxiety. And it’s a little bit awkward to sing in public or sing for someone. In most cases, I just sing on my own and the bathroom is really perfect for singing because the sound effects are so amazing.

Sample Answer 2: Oh, I’d like to sing for people who I love, my mom and dad, my friends, my little sister/brother… well, only if they want me to sing for them.

Sample Answer 3: Oh, only for myself. As I said earlier, I’m not good at singing, so I prefer to sing alone. Otherwise, it’s pretty embarrassing to sing in front of others.

Sample Answer 4: Well, they are (obviously going to be the people I love). Singing (the birthday song) for (families and friends) is a time-to-time occasion that I would sing. Besides, while I’m on board and driving (with my life partner in the shotgun seat), (singing for her and with her) can be the most wonderful scene that I can picture.

4. Do you think singing can bring happiness to people?

Sample Answer 1: My answer is definitely yes; coz if someone has a talent for singing, he or she will probably feel great sense of achievement to finish the whole song. And when somebody’s stressed out, singing is like a way to blow off some steam. And the same goes for everyone who is in bad mood. Singing the songs with bouncy tunes is likely to lift the spirits.

Sample Answer 2: Yes, definitely. Singing helps us to express emotions when we’re uncomfortable doing so in conversation. This can be done by humming a tune or by singing lyrics that resonate with us. Though not all the emotions are ‘happy’ ones, releasing them through songs helps us feel better.

Sample Answer 3: (Yes, I do believe so). Sometimes (when people down in the dumps), singing (cheerful songs) will (drag them out and light the mood). In addition, music is (a fairly good way) to (adjust people’s feelings and bring us energy).

5. Do you often sing?

I love to sing, but I don’t sing in public. I sing almost every day when I’m alone in my room. I’m not too good at singing, I can’t reach high or too low notes, and sometimes I forget words to songs, but I do heavily lip-sync. By heavy, I mean intense expressions, movements as if I’m in the song. I always imagine myself doing some intense singing at a talent show, but I know I can’t do that.

6. When do you like to sing?

Honestly, I mostly feel like singing when I’m feeling emotional and need a way to release my emotions. I also sing when I hear a catchy song or just a song I love!

7. Is it difficult to sing well?

Yes. It is. Even those with a natural talent for singing have to learn the correct technique, which can only really be taught/coached.

8. Do you want to be a singer?

I’d love to, but I am not talented enough to pursue it. Sometimes you have to recognise what you are good at to be able to make your career decisions.

9. What kinds of music do you like to sing?

I sing for myself, and not in front of people I don’t know, so I can sing whatever I like. Mostly I sing ballads, R&B, country, and other genres.

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