(2024) Describe a time when you waited a long time for a person – Free Lesson

Describe a time when you waited a long time for a person

Describe a time when you waited a long time for a person
Describe a time when you waited a long time for a person


You should say:

When and where it happened

Who you were waiting for

Why you had to wait for them

And explain how you felt about it


(When and where it happened)

Today, I’m going to describe a time when I had to wait for a long time for a person. Recently, I had to wait for one of my teachers at university. I had to wait for two long hours continuously to see him.

(Who you were waiting for)

I had to wait to meet Mr Tim, a professor of psychology at Kansas University. In fact, he was my mentor and supervisor for my thesis for my last year. On that day, I had to submit my thesis report to him for final checking before the official submission to the department. He asked me to meet him in the morning but he himself arrived quite late at the university. Later he expressed his regrets for the unprecedented delay. In fact, he came really late. Some other students also had to wait like me before his chamber in the university compound.

(Why you had to wait for him)

As per our conversation on the telephone, Mr Tim told me to be in his chamber at around 10 am. Accordingly, I reached the university before it was 10 am. When I reached his office, I found it was locked and he had not arrived yet. When I made a phone call to him, it was unattended. The other students there also tried to reach him but he did not respond. He finally came to the university when it was almost noon. He explained the reasons behind his lack of punctuality. Actually, he was in a bit trouble with his wife and had her hospitalised immediately for an abdominal disorder. So, that was why he was late, he explained.

(And explain how you felt about it)

Of course, waiting can sometimes be a nuisance in our life, especially in these days when people seem more impatient with things. Luckily, during this wait, I still remained calm and unhurried, because I was aware that the Professor had helped me appreciably and some incidents might have hindered his arriving on time for the meeting.Following his directives, I submitted the thesis and passed the course, and I actually feel very grateful for his assistance.


1.continuously [adv]: without interruption or gaps:

Eg: He played continuously for minutes on end without appearing to take a breath.

2. submission [n]: the action of presenting a proposal, application, or other document for consideration or judgment: 

Eg: Reports should be prepared for submission at partners’ meetings

3. unprecedented [adj]: that has never happended: 

Eg: This situation isunprecedented in modern times.

4. punctuality [n]: the habit of arriving or happening at the time that has been agreed: 

Eg: There is a bonus scheme for employees who show good performance and punctuality.

5. hospitalise [v]: admit into a hospital:

Eg: Mother had to be hospitalized because her blood pressure was too high

6. disorder [n]: a state of confusion:

Eg: She was diagnosed with a rare nerve disorder that can cause paralysis of the arms.

7. nuisance [n]: a situation that is annoying or causes troubles or problems:

Eg: It’s a nuisance to be stuck in the traffic jam for hours on end.

8. unhurried [adj]: relaxed and not rush for time: 

Eg: Sometimes I admire his unhurried lifestyle.

9. appreciably[adv]: considerably:

Eg: The risk of infection is appreciably higher among children.

10. hinder [v]: to make it difficult for sb to do sth: 

Eg: Some teachersfeel hindered by a lack of resources.

Describe a time when you waited a long time for a person
Describe a time when you waited a long time for a person

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