Describe a goal that you would like to achieve

Cue Card

You should say:
– what the goal is
– how easy or difficult you think it will be to reach this goal
– how you plan to achieve this goal
– and explain why this is one of your goals.


One of my goals in the near future is to improve my proficiency in Japanese.

Actually, I have been studying Japanese for two months; therefore, I can just hold some simple conversations about daily life. There are various reasons why I want to study this language. Firstly, I am keen on Japanese culture, which is so incredibly unique and diverse. By learning Japanese, I
can know more about traditions there. Secondly, I have always longed to work for a Japanese company. Since people in Japan are organized and hard-working, collaborating with them gives me a good chance to improve myself. That’s why I really want to master this language.

To achieve this goal, I am taking a Japanese course with a native teacher who gives me the best methods to study Japanese effectively. Besides, I am trying to practice speaking Japanese with my friends and watch as many Japanese films as possible, so that my level of Japanese can be improved considerably. I hope that soon I will have a good command of Japanese and I am sure that. I will remain motivated to achieve my goal.


– hold conversations: [expression] have conversations
Example: It is impossible to hold conversations in that place – it is too noisy !

– keen on: [adjective] very interested in an idea or activity
Example: My parents are very keen on visiting my uncle in the US.

– diverse: [adjective] very different and varied.
Example: New York is a big city with people from diverse cultures.

– longed to: [phrasal verb] wanted to do something very much.
Example: It is just a dream, but I have always longed to be a famous musician.

– master: [verb] learn or understand something completely.
Example: In many jobs we have to master new techniques, such as computer skills.

– have a command of: [expression] have an ability to do or use something – especially a language.
Example: You must have a good command of English in order to pass the IELTS exam.

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