(Update 2021) Describe a law on environmental protection your country should have – IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe a law on environmental protection your country should have

Describe a law on environmental protection your country should have
Describe a law on environmental protection your country should have

Cue card

You should say:

  • What it is
  • How you first learned about it
  • Who benefits from it
  • And explain how you feel about this law

Sample answer

I think one of the environmental laws that our city (or our country) urgently needs to put in place is banning barbecues by rivers or lakes. And violators should be punished.

I say this because off a heavily polluted river near my grandmother’s house. I visit my grandma by bus every two weeks. There’s a river that the bus must pass on the route, and it bothers me every time the bus gets close to it, especially during summer. There are always tons of people having a barbeque by the liver. They seem like they’re having a blast, but I’ve seen a ton of ashes, used tissues, and plastic bags everywhere on the river bank. In recent years, I’ve seen garbage floating on the water all the time. And when the windows on the bus are open in the summer, I can even smell the stink caused by all the garbage, which really sets me off.

However, I haven’t seen any action from the government to deal with the pollution. Honestly, the problem of environmental pollution goes beyond just affecting our mood. It also threatens people’s health and safety. So I think it is time that the government makes a strict law to prevent water pollution. Just like the drunk driving law in our country, severe punishment can be effective in changing people’s behavior. If the government could have the grit to work hard on it, I believe the river will be restored to clean water and may even have thriving plants alongside the river bank.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 : Follow up Questions

1. Are there laws about education in China?

Yes, there are some laws about education in China. One major law is that all children need to have six years of primary education, usually starting when they turn seven, and then three years of junior middle school. After that, you have three years of senior middle school. That makes sure that every child receives a good education, which I think is really important. There are some other laws, depending on which province you’re in.

2. What kinds of rules do schools in China have?

Well, in general, there’s a rule about what you wear. Students have to have a school uniform. Other than that, there are some rules about student conduct. All students must attend class on time, they must complete their homework, and bullying is strictly prohibited. Teachers have to follow rules as well; they have to be respectful of their students, inclusive, and they have to maintain a high quality of education through training and research.

3. What can teachers do to make students obey rules?

I think teachers can explain the importance of the rules. If you know why a rule is in place, it might make you more willing to follow that rule. For example, teachers can talk about the dress code and how it helps students feel united as a school. That might make them more accepting of their uniforms. They can also clearly identify what punishments will occur if students break the rules.

4. What should parents do to educate children about laws?

Parents should start educating children about laws from a very young age. Kids from the age of about three or four should be taught that stealing is wrong, cheating is wrong, and hurting other people is wrong. I think that while children can’t always understand everything about laws, they can understand the difference between right and wrong, so parents should start teaching them these important things as early as possible.

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