Cambridge IELTS 11 – Test 2 – Passage 1

QuestionWords in the questionsWords in the textMeaning
3most ofnearly all ofthe biggest number or amount of: nearly all of/ most of the starboard half survived intact
3undamagedintactnot damaged/ in the original state
4containhousehave something, include something
as a part:it housed/contained a large quantity ofexpensive and beautiful items
4historical objectsartefactsobjects of historical interest, like the
guns or pumps found on the ship
5launchinitiateto begin something such as a plan or introduce something new such as a product: initiate/ launch a project called ‘Solent Ships’
7be agreedbe given the goaheadthe operation was not given the goahead/ agreed until January 1982 – then it was allowed to start
9Byviathrough: via/by/through a network of bolts and lifting wires
11placelocatelocate/ place/(put into position) the
legs into the ‘stabbing guides’
13extraadditionalmore: extra/ additional protection for that part of the ship
13protectioncushioningthe airbags protected that part of the ship from damage

Cambridge IELTS 11 – Test 2 – Passage 2

QuestionWords in the questionsWords in the textMeaning
18supportback upthe experiment provided evidence that agreed with/supported/backed up what local people believed in their
18the folklorethe local beliefthe traditional stories and culture of a
group of people
20viewvisionan opinion about how people used to
live on the island
22buildconstructthey could no longer construct/ build wooden canoes for fishing
24needrequirerequire/ need both a lot of/ a great
deal of wood and a lot of people to
transport the statues
24a great deal ofa lot of

Cambridge IELTS 11 – Test 2 – Passage 3

QuestionWords in the questionsWords in the textMeaning
29satisfyingrewardingthe harder it is to decipher the meaning, the more rewarding/
satisfying is the moment of
29work outdecipherdiscover the meaning of something:
decipher/ work out the meaning of a
30experimentsstudiesthe studies have been experiments
about how our eyes move when we look at a painting
30paintingsworkspaintings are often referred to as
‘works’ or ‘works of art’
30carefullymeticulouslywith great attention of the artist to detail: Mondrian’s works are meticulously/ carefully composed
30put togethercomposedwhen a painting is composed, the
artist puts together an idea of where
everything in the painting should be
31emotionsfeelingsthe amygdala plays a crucial role in
our feelings/ emotions
32complexityintricacythe state of having many parts and
being difficult to understand or find
an answer to: Alex Forsythe analysed
the visual intricacy/ complexity of
different pieces of art
33motifspatterns=imagesdesigns: appealing pieces show signs
of ‘fractals’-repeated motifs/ images recurring in different scales
33pleasingappealingwhen a painting is ‘appealing’, it gives you pleasure/it is ‘pleasing’
33works of artpiecespaintings can also be called ‘pieces’,
as well as ‘works/works of art’

are commonrepeated patterns = fractals are common in nature
33in the natural worldthroughout natureplants, animals and everything in the
world that is not made by people
36trend of the periodfashion of the timea style that is popular at a particular
time: the fashion/ trend of the time
might shape what is currently popular
37ruleslawsregulations: it would be foolish to
reduce art appreciation to a set of scientific laws
40insights (n)shed light on (v)if we provide insights into something, we shed light on it = gain some better
understanding of it

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