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Describe a time when you had to wait in a long line of people

Describe a time when you had to wait in a long line of people
Describe a time when you had to wait in a long line of people


You should say:

When it was.

Where and why you waited in line.

How you felt.


(When it was)

Day in day out, people have to wait for many things. The moment they step out from their home to commute to work, they are made to wait for a bus, or hindered by the traffic lights and congestion

Today, I’m going to describe a time when I had to wait in a long line of people. It was a year ago when Christmas and New Year time were closely approaching. On a Sunday evening, I went to a super mall near my home to do some necessary shopping. I spent almost 45 minutes on picking up all the essential items and the number of items I purchased was more than usual.

(Where and why you waited in line)

While shopping, I noticed that many people were buying items for the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Due to this, the crowd seemed a bit larger than usual. However, as soon as I reached the checkout point, I was bewildered. I had no idea how large the queue in this shopping mall could be! There were more than 5 checkout points but each of those was surprisingly crowded. I could not decide which queue to stand in.

Strangely, people behind me were forcing me to go ahead and I had no other alternatives but to stand in the nearest queue. I actually counted the number of people who were also waiting in my queue ahead of me. It was probably 21 or 22 and I got quite anxious to leave the shopping mall as soon as possible. The cash registers and the sales persons were very busy and most of the customers’ shopping carts were full.

(How you felt)

At some point in my waiting in this long queue, I thought to put back my items on the shelves and leave the shopping mall. After 30 minutes or so, I started playing games on my mobile phone. I did so for about half an hour and then I noticed that the line in front of me had become smaller. The air was filled with the aroma of the festive time, which partly calmed me and after approximately 25 minutes, I paid my bill and the sales girl wished me merry Christmas.

I did the same and she apologized for the long queue. I told her that I understood and it was not a problem for me.However, for some, queuing discomforts them, and some even go to great lengths to take other’s positions. Some customers behind me even got infuriated about such a prolongation. As soon as I got back to my car and started the engine, I felt much better and I was happy to finally have my shopping done!


1.day in day out [expression]: everyday:

Eg: Day in day out, my father takes me to school.

2. hinder [v]: to make it difficult for sb to do sth : 

Eg: Some teachersfeel hindered by a lack of resources.

3. congestion [n]: the state of being crowded and full of traffic:

Eg: Congestion and pollution are Ho Chi Minh City’s problems.

4. approach [v]: to come near or nearer to something or someone in space, time, quality, or amount:

Eg: We could just see the train approaching in the distance.

5. bewilder [v]: cause (someone) to become perplexed and confused:

Eg: His decision bewildered her.

6. alternative [n]: one of two or more available possibilities:

Eg: Audiobooks are an interesting alternative to reading

7. aroma [n]: a distinctive, typically pleasant smell.: 

Eg: The deliciousaroma of fresh bread wafted out of the bakery.

8. discomfort [v]:to make sb feel anxious and uneasy:

Eg: My mother was greatly discomforted by the new regulations.

9. go to great lengths [expression]: + to do sth: to put lot of effort to do sth(usually in a negative way):

Eg: This famous singer goes to great lengths to keep her life private.

10. prolongation [n]: the act of making sth last longer:

Eg: The prolongation of human life is always desirable.

Describe a time when you had to wait in a long line of people
Describe a time when you had to wait in a long line of people

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