(2024) Describe a foreign person who you have heard or known that you think is interesting – IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe a foreign person who you have heard or known that you think is interesting

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You should say:

  • Who the person is;
  • How you knew him/her;
  • What kind of person he/she is;
  • And explain why you think he/she is interesting.

Sample answers

Describe a foreign person who you have heard or known that you think is interesting

Well, I like listening to pop songs, so most of the foreigners I know are singers from other countries. So, I’d like to talk about an American singer-songwriter whose name is Bea Miller. She’s a very cute and funny person.

About two years ago, one of my friends sang a beautiful song called Brand New Eyes at a New Year’s party that my class held. I really took a liking to that song and looked it up online right away. Then I found the original singer of it, Bea Miller. She’s only in her twenties but she definitely has great potential with her pop-rock career.

Anyway, I think her character is way different from what she shows on stage. Whenever I put on my headphones and listen to her songs with her sexy and raspy singing voice, I feel like the whole world suddenly calms down. So I thought she was a quiet and cool person. But she’s actually hilarious. You won’t find other celebrities who post selfies of their big nostrils on social media. But she does it all the time! Sometimes she posts photos of herself making faces with a funny line or a bad joke. It cracks me up every time!

So I feel like she’s very down-to-earth When she interacts with her fans it’s like she’s the girl next door, which really appeals to me. Of course, I admire her talent for writing music as well. I believe that with her talent and interesting personality, she will industry.

Part 3 : Follow up Questions

1. How do people know foreign friends?

People usually get to know foreign friends through travel. A lot of people like to travel abroad, so they might meet new friends along the way. Sometimes it’s easier to start a friendship while on a journey than in everyday life, despite the difference of citizenship. After all, being in a foreign land means you are exotic, which adds your charisma somewhat. Besides, some people may meet new friends from other countries online. When you play an online game that is open to the world, it’s quite easy to team up with gamers from other countries and have opportunities to know them.

2. What are the advantages of knowing foreigners?

Well, there are a lot of advantages to knowing foreigners. Firstly, knowing someone from another country will open up your perspective since you will get to learn about a culture that is different than your own. Secondly, you might be introduced to new food, music, languages, or traditions that you would not have known otherwise. Finally, knowing someone from another country gives you a good excuse to travel and visit that country someday.

3. What are the pros and cons of living abroad?

One big pro is that you get to experience a new culture. You might even be able to learn a new language. I think that’s a great way to expand your horizons and learn more about the world, or even yourself in the process. You can also try new food and meet new people, which is always exciting. A con is that you might find it hard to learn a new language and fit into a new environment. It can also be very expensive to live abroad.

4. Do you have any foreign friends and do you think having foreign friends is a good way to know other countries?

Yes, I do have a few friends from other countries who I met on the internet. Specifically, we got to know each other through an online game called PUBG, a trendy online shooting game . Anyway, I know them pretty well after playing dozens of games together. And I’ve learned a lot about their countries through our chats. One of them is from Philippines; she’s the one who I’m the closest with and talk the most to. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t know so many fun facts about the Philippines.

5. Do you think it’s important to know the culture and language before going to another country?

I think that it’s important to know a little bit about the country’s culture, and to know a few important phrases in their language before you visit. This is because some countries have very different attitudes and customs compared to others, and you don’t want to offend someone because you don’t know the proper attire or customs. Knowing some key phrases in the language is also very helpful, and the locals will appreciate your effort to speak their language.

6. What do you think of people who work in international companies?

Well, it’s really cool for people to work in international companies. I respect them for it because they probably have to take on a ton of challenges. For example, if they have a higher-up position in the company, they might have to go on business trips to different parts of the world. They might also have to learn about other cultures when dealing with people from different countries. So I think that it takes a lot of tact and determination to succeed at an international company.

7. What abilities do people need to have when working in an international company?

People working in an international company need to have good language learning skills. Since international companies normally have branches and stakeholders in more than one country, their employees need to be able to communicate with other co-workers, suppliers and clients from different countries in an effective manner. So employees who are bilingual or trilingual are definitely assets to an international company. Besides, people skills are also essential since communication makes up a big part of their job.

8. How can we promote international cultural exchanges?

I think that a great way to promote international cultural exchanges is through study abroad programs. When students go to another country to learn, they encounter a totally new culture and way of life. It helps familiarize them with another country and gives them lots of knowledge that they can bring back to their own country. When they have formative experiences abroad, they can also have more empathy and understanding for people from different places.

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