(Update 2024) Describe a childhood friend of yours – Free IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe a childhood friend of yours

Describe a childhood friend of yours
Describe a childhood friend of yours


You should say:

Who she/ he is

When you met him/her Where you met him/her

What you did with your friend

How you felt about the friend



I have made many friends in my life and a few are very close friends. Here I would like to talk about a friend with whom I met after 11 years losing contact.

(Who she/ he is)

Her name is Trang and she is about my age – 25 years old. She and I were class fellows since primary school. Then her family immigrated to the Czech Republic. As we didn’t have Internet or Social Media that time I totally lost contact with her.

(When/where you met him/her and What you did with your friend)

One year ago, when studying abroad in Holland, we suddenly found each other on Facebook. It was a very pleasant surprise for me. I felt very happy to be in contact with an old friend from my childhood again. We chatted for a long time and revived nostalgic memories of our school days. I remember vividly, how she managed to be first in class every time. Back to that time, she was my favorite math tutor. Every time I got in trouble solving a math problem, she was the one who helped me out.

(How you felt about the friend)

She told me all about her life in Czech. How beautiful the weather was, how Vietnamese live there. I was truly fascinated to hear all that from her.


Describe a childhood friend of yours

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