Harry’s Hire Company| IELTS LISTENING PART 1

Questions 1–10

Complete the notes below.
Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS AND / OR A NUMBER for each answer.

Harry’s Hire Company

Harry’s Hire Company
Harry’s Hire Company
Harry’s Hire Company
Harry’s Hire Company


1. Saturday 25th / 25

2. 55 / fifty-five / fifty five

3. knives / forks

4. (garden) chairs

5. ice buckets

6. same-day / same Day

7. home delivery

8. $3.50 / three dollars fifty

9. Susan Millins

10. 3987695


You will hear a conversation between a male clerk in a Hire Company and a woman customer. First, you have some time to look at questions 1 to 5.

You will see that there is an example that has been done for you. On this occasion only, the conversation relating to this example will be played first.

MAN: Hello, welcome to Harry’s Hire Company. How can I help you?
WOMAN: Oh, hi, yes, I’ve come in to find out about renting stuff for a 21st birthday party.
MAN: Yes, of course …

The customer says she wants to rent equipment for a birthday party, so birthday party has been written in the space. Now we shall begin. You should answer the questions as you listen because you will not hear the recording a second time. Listen carefully and answer questions 1 to 5.

MAN: Hello, welcome to Harry’s Hire Company. How can I help you?
WOMAN: Oh, hi, yes, I’ve come in to find out about renting stuff for a 21st birthday party.
MAN: Yes, of course … First of all, what date is the party?
WOMAN: It’s next Saturday. That was the closest we could get to the actual birthday, which is the 22nd of November. Gosh, it’s hard to believe it was 21 years ago, seems like yesterday …
MAN: So, the 18th of November?
WOMAN: No, sorry, I meant the following Saturday, the 25th.
MAN: OK, we have just about everything here; tableware, marquees … you name it, we rent it! What size of event are we talking about here?
WOMAN: Yes, that’s a good question. We were planning to have about 40 people, but you know how these things grow and it went up to 60 at one stage … umm … I think it’s back to 55 now. Yes, that’s right. It was all getting a bit out of hand.
MAN: Ok, and what kind of catering and entertainment are you having? We can help with entertainment hire, too, you know, if you need microphones or a sound system.
WOMAN: Oh, that’s good! We’ve booked a catering company, and they’re providing a meal. It’s nothing elaborate, just finger food snacks and then a simple buffet meal, so we’ll need all the usual dinner plates and bowls … I suppose 5 dozen of everything, oh and knives and forks too, 5 dozen sets. We won’t need any cooking equipment, because the caterers will do that, and they’re providing tea and coffee as well.
MAN: I see, and do you need any tables or chairs.
WOMAN: Well, not tables, because we wouldn’t have room for them, but I suppose some extra chairs might come in handy. What type do you have?
MAN: Come over here and I’ll show you. We have a couple of different kinds. We do have folding wooden ones, like these, but the most popular ones are just those stackable plastic garden chairs, we rent a lot of those…
WOMAN: Yes, the plastic ones look great. Maybe 40 of those.
MAN: Ok … I’m making a list here as we speak. Was there anything else? Oh, do you want small or medium glasses? People generally want both sizes.
WOMAN: Yep, better get both kinds. Four dozen of each. Umm … and what else? The caterers are supplying a punch bowl, so that’s OK. Oh, I know, what about six ice buckets, for keeping the drinks cold? We’re providing all the drinks, because I have a friend who is helping us with that. Umm … I suppose this is going to get very expensive.
Before you hear the rest of the conversation, you have some time to look at questions 6 to 10.
Now listen and answer questions 6 to 10.

MAN: Well, let’s talk about our packages and rental deals. Firstly… what day do you want to collect the equipment?
WOMAN: Oh, I’m not sure. Does that make a difference to the price?
MAN: Well … the weekend package deal is to pick up after 5 p.m. on Friday, and drop off before 10 a.m. on Monday. That will be sixteen hundred dollars plus tax. If you want to save a bit of money, you can collect the equipment on the day of the party before 5 p.m., and drop off on the Monday before 10 a.m., and that will be thirteen hundred and fifty dollars plus tax. That’s called the same-day package. Your party numbers come between our small and medium price packages, I’m afraid, so in fact you could rent a few extra of everything for the same price.
WOMAN: I see. Well, we’re not inviting more guests! I think we have quite enough already … umm … are there any other hidden charges with those packages?
MAN: No, not really. But if you want us to drop off and pick up at your house, there is an extra home delivery charge of $50, provided you live within 10 km of here. Oh, and if you want to take out breakage insurance, that’s a $60 flat fee. Otherwise, you pay for every item you break, at the replacement cost.
WOMAN: Wow, so how much is that then? I bet that soon adds up.
MAN: Well, yes, it does a bit. Let’s see … tableware is $3.55 a piece, small glasses are $3.50 and medium glasses are $4.40. Oh, and if you break a chair, they’re expensive: $15 each, and you’d be surprised what happens when the party gets going!
WOMAN: Yes, insurance sounds like a good idea, and I think I’ll take the weekend package deal, thanks, it’s much more convenient, isn’t it? And not much more expensive.
MAN: OK, so let’s take a few details then. Your name?
WOMAN: Oh, it’s Susan Millins.
MAN: Um … Is that Miller?
WOMAN: No, it’s M-I-L-L-I-N-S
MAN: Right. And your address please?
WOMAN: 28B Sandstone Close, Martinsborough
MAN: And just to confirm the order; the medium-size party weekend package with breakage insurance, and did you want to collect this yourself?
WOMAN: Yes, thank you. I do live within 10 km, but I don’t want to pay any extra charges. I’ll get my son to help me.
MAN: OK, we’ll need an emergency contact number, just in case anything goes wrong. Oh, and credit card details, of course.
WOMAN: Oh, yes, of course, the phone number is 084 – 398 – 7695
MAN: OK, thank you, and now the credit card…..

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