(2024) Describe a sports match you have watched – Free IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe a sports match you have watched

Describe a sports match you have watched

Cue Card

You should say:

– What it is

– When you watched it

– How was it

– And explain why you liked watching it.


I am going to talk about an absurd boxing match that I watched recently. As a matter of fact, since I realized that I was quite out of condition, and I needed to take up regular exercise, I have taken up boxing to get into shape. This has led me to develop such fondness for the sport that I decided to go and watch a real bout.

As it was the final of the local tournament, the two contestants were both extremely competent. While we were waiting for the boxers to come into the ring, crowds of spectators started to cheer and chant enthusiastically to show their support for the two fighters, which created an atmosphere of excited anticipation. Eventually, after about 15 minutes, the boxers appeared. They looked incredibly muscular, and admittedly I got a bit jealous of their athletic physique.

Since boxing involves a high possibility of injury, on safety grounds both athletes were sufficiently equipped with essential sports gear for their protection, which may be one reason why the sport continues to thrive, despite the dangers. After the introduction and rules reminder, the contest started. It was obvious that the two participants were equally talented, so they had to really exert themselves to win.

However, just at the height of the contest, one boxer got a cramp and tripped unexpectedly. The fall was so sudden that he couldn’t react and ended up spraining his wrist. Although it was not a life-threatening injury, it did prevent him from continuing the fight. The other fighter was then declared the winner. Everybody was at a loss for words, and I have to say that was the strangest match I’ve ever seen! It was a little disappointing, but also funny and fascinating in a way.

Despite that, I did not regret seeing that match. It was quite entertaining and valuable for me. As the boxers were remarkably skillful, I was able to learn a lot from them to improve my own skills. I will definitely watch another match in the near future.


1. to be out of condition
Meaning: to be physically unfit
Example: One of the causes of obesity is that many people are out of condition and fail to exercise regularly.

2. to get into shape
Meaning: to become fit
Example: If people have a sedentary lifestyle, they must do regular exercise to get into shape.

3. a high/low probability of injury
Meaning: you are very likely/not very likely to be injured
Example: If anyone plans to take up mountaineering or skydiving, they should be aware that there is a high probability of injury.

4. essential sports gear
Meaning: the equipment and clothing needed to practice a particular sport
Example: In order to reduce the risks associated with dangerous sports, participants should undergo rigorous training and use all the essential sports gear required.

5. on safety grounds
Meaning: for reasons of safety
Example: Boxing is a very dangerous sport and must be outlawed on safety grounds.

6. life-threatening injuries
Meaning: injuries which are so serious that the person may die
Example: Paragliding and cliff-jumping are two examples of extreme sports in which life threatening injuries are sustained all
too often by those who take part.

7. to exert oneself
Meaning: to make a big physical effort to do something
Example: I believe that sports professionals deserve high salaries, because constant hard training is necessary so that they can exert themselves to the limit when they compete.

8. to continue to thrive
Meaning: to continue to grow, to develop, or to be successful
Example: His business continues to thrive, in spite of the economic crisis.

9. to take up regular exercise
Meaning: to do some physical activity on a regular basis
Example: Authorities should encourage people of all ages to take regular exercise by providing facilities in each community.

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