Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.


WOMAN: If you’ve got a minute, could I just check a couple of points about insurance? I got one policy through the post but I’d like to see if yours is better.

MAN: Fine. What would you like to know?
WOMAN: Well, the one I’ve got has benefits and then the maximum amount you can claim. Is that like yours?

MAN: Yes, that’s how most of them are.
WOMAN: Well, the first thing is cancellation. If the holiday’s cancelled on the policy I’ve got, you can claim 8,000 pounds.
MAN: We can improve on that, Ms Nash. (1) For Greek Island holidays, our maximum is 10.000 pounds.

WOMAN: That’s good – of course our holiday won’t even cost 1,000 pounds together!
MAN: It’s still sensible to have good cover. Now, if you go to hospital, we allow 600 pounds.

WOMAN: Yes, mine’s similar.
MAN: (2) And we also allow a relative to travel to your holiday resort.
WOMAN: My policy just says their representative will help you.
MAN: You can see there’s another difference there. And what happens if you don’t get on the plane? WOMAN: Nothing, as far as I can see on this form.

MAN: (3) Don’t you have missed departure ?
WOMAN: No, I’ll just jot that down.
MAN: We pay up to 1,000 pounds for that, depending

on the reason. And we’re particularly generous about loss of personal belongings – up to 3,000 pounds, (4) but not more than 500 pounds for a single item.
WOMAN: Then I’d better not take my laptop!

MAN: Not unless you insure it separately.
WOMAN: OK – thanks very much for your time – you’ve really been helpful. Can I get back to you? Your name is?
MAN: Ben – Ludlow. (5) That’s L-U-D-L-O-W . I’m the Assistant Manager here. I’ll give you my number. It’s 081 260 543 216.
WOMAN: But didn’t I phone 081 260 567 294? That’s what I’ve got on the paper.
MAN: That’s the main switchboard. I’ve given you my direct line.
WOMAN: Right, thank you very much for your time.


6. 10,0000